While social media marketing was once dismissed as a fleeting fad, businesses today with a strong social media presence are seeing incredible benefits by consistently interacting with their customers online. For many businesses, that means turning to Facebook, the leading platform with a staggering 2.93 billion monthly active users.

Facebook icon with one notification on a mobile screen.

Is your company on Facebook?

The question on most business leaders’ minds is, “How can we get started on social media?” In this blog post we cover the ins and outs of Facebook and how your business can get the most from this wide-reaching platform.

Why Facebook? A Look At Demographics

Facebook is the third most visited website in the world. Unlike many social networking sites with a larger teen internet presence, Facebook’s main demographic is users in their 30’s and 40’s.

By setting up a business profile, your company will see increased brand awareness, name recognition and customer loyalty.

While there are advantages to each major social media platform and being on every channel can have its benefits, you should never take on more than you are prepared to handle. If you only have time to maintain, monitor and refresh 1-2 profiles each week, you shouldn’t open accounts everywhere all at once. Start small and consider hiring a social media pro to help you get the most of each site.

Tips And Tricks For Success On Facebook

1. Share Useful, Engaging Content

Social media is great for connecting businesses with customers because by its nature, it’s a social interaction. While on Facebook, your audience members will have their attention on cat videos, memes and their loved one’s images, so to get attention on your business’ posts you need to offer value.

Why not create a video for your company that will fit right into their newsfeed? For example, if you’re a restaurant, create a video of a popular meal being prepped, cooked and served. For bonus points, give your fans the recipe and let them cook alongside you.

Are you afraid that sharing this video means you’ll lose their business? The simple answer is no; they will now see your company as a brand authority and a trusted industry leader and will show up at your restaurant the next time they don’t want to cook for themselves.

2. Post When Your Audience Is Active

Posting social media updated when your audience is offline is just as effective as giving a sales pitch to an empty conference room. Instead, share your helpful and engaging content when your audience is most active. According to a recent article by Hootsuite, the best times to post on Facebook are on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

That said, these posting times may be different for your audience. Experiment with multiple times to see when you get the most engagement from your customers.

Woman looking at her watch to check Facebook post schedule.

Do you schedule posts ahead of time?

3. Schedule Your Posts Ahead Of Time

To get your updates in front of your audience when they are most active, take advantage of scheduling tools that allow you to get posts queued to publish ahead of time. Some of the best are Sprout Social and Hootsuite. Facebook even has a built-in scheduling tool for company pages.

4. Listen To Your Customers’ Opinions

One of the most valuable aspects of having a business Facebook page is the opportunity to see what customers are saying about you. Facebook is not just about connecting and engaging, but it’s also about feedback. It can be a way to thank and show your gratitude to customers. Monitor the progress of your updates by using the Insights tab and pay attention to which posts receive the most likes, shares and clicks. Use this info to tailor your future updates and take advantage of positive momentum.

5. Update Your Profile Often

Mobile and computer view of Facebook business profile.

It’s important to keep your business page freshly updated.

It’s important to keep your business page updated with relevant content and the latest news about your company. At Three Girls Media, we suggest clients post at one or two times a day to give customers fresh content to come back to.

Posts are not the only area you will want to update. You should also regularly revitalize your profile. While we suggest keeping your profile picture the same for brand consistency, refreshing your cover photo might capture a potential customer who clicked away the first time.

Facebook Must-Haves

Ready to get started with your Facebook business page? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started:

  • A Stellar Cover Photo: While your cover photo certainly isn’t the most important part of your company’s page, it is your first chance to make a good first impression. The cover photo should be eye catching (as readers are likely to see it when they first visit your page) and in line with your company’s brand. Read this article for some good examples.
  • Consistent Brand Language: Come up with a standard tagline for your company and use similar language in every section of your company page. Consistency is key!
  • Your Company Logo: If you aren’t using your logo for your profile picture, try incorporating it into your cover photo by using a simple image editing program like Canva. They offer pre-sized images you can edit for each major social media platform, or you can upload your own.
  • Contact Information: If customers like your brand and want to purchase your products or services, they need to know how to contact you! Fill out the Call-To-Action section on Facebook and direct them straight to a landing page where they can place an order. Also, share your company phone number, email address and website in the About section.

Advertising On Facebook

Many small businesses who have used Facebook advertising credit the platform with significantly helping their growth and brand recognition. Facebook has two different advertising options businesses can take advantage of to increase their visibility on the social network.

Use Facebook advertising to experiment with A/B testing and see what resonates the most with potential customers. Check out our blog post on making the most of advertising for more tips.

Getting Verified On Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter (X) offer verification for brand pages. This comes in the form of a blue checkmark next to the business’ name. Many marketers take advantage of this feature as it proves that your page is the official profile of your company or brand. Learn more about Facebook verification here.

Want Help With Your Facebook Business Page?

Are you ready to start getting better returns on your Facebook business page? At Three Girls Media, our team of marketing professionals is here to guide you through the process. We understand that social media can be daunting, but we can help you identify how to get the greatest returns. Our personalized approach will ensure that your marketing strategy is tailored to your unique business needs. We love assisting our clients and helping build their online image. Contact us today.

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