Video marketing is a great tool for any business.

Video marketing is a great tool for any business.

Video is a great tool for any business to use, no matter the industry. Much like a blog requires keywords, SEO and other aspects to make it effective, video marketing requires taking certain actions to make it as successful as possible. Below are some reasons why video marketing is a great tool as well as some tips to get your business started right.

Benefits of using video marketing for your business:
The most important reason that online video marketing is effective is simply because it provides ease to the customer.  Video Brewery has put together the top 18 video marketing statistics and what they mean for your business. According to the site, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Videos are quick attention grabbers and can provide large amounts of information in a matter of seconds. Check out all their stats here.

Tips to make your video marketing effective: 

  • Stay short. Online video marketing works best with short videos. In a world where everyone is competing for attention, it is best to keep it at 2 minutes or less.
  • Get to the point.  According to Statistic Brain, the average attention span lasts about 8 seconds. What does that mean for your online video marketing?  Get to the point quickly, before the viewer is gone.
  • Optimize. Keep SEO in mind. Using keywords and links are a great way to help search engines find your video.
  • Call to action. Every effective online video marketing strategy needs this step. offers guidelines, best practices and great examples to put your business on the right path.

What other tips would you include in our list for effective online video marketing?

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