How are you hashtagging?

How are you hash-tagging?

Social media marketing is an essential part of online reputation management and business growth, but can be a challenge to understand. We know that as a business owner, it can be intimidating to begin online outreach and for that reason, we have developed 5 basic tips for social media marketing success.

They are:

1. Be hashtag savvy: Hashtags are everywhere and provide a great way to find content on social media sites. While hashtags were once exclusive to Twitter, they are now actively used on other social media sites like Facebook and Google +. It is important to remember that hashtags can be both positive and negative. Keep in mind that the over usage of hashtags could lead followers to believe that they are being spammed and could result in the loss of a fan. When creating social media content, try to include a minimum of one hashtag with a maximum of three hashtags per update.

2. Share, share and share some more: Social media marketing allows for unique form of fan interaction. Online followers use social media as a platform to post their feelings, opinions and experiences with the public. When content the fan has posted gets reposted, it is somewhat flattering. It also encourages them to continue sharing and posting positive content will contribute to the bigger social media conversation.

3. Photopalooza: Photos tend to get the most interest on social media platforms. Don’t be afraid to post visually stimulating, funny or informative photos or infographics to your social media sites. Your fans will appreciate the variety and are much more likely to share photos in a plain text update.

4. Refresh your followers: Unique and original content like blog posts are very popular in social media pages and profiles, but keep in mind that new fans and followers may not search the archives updates and could miss out on a helpful post. It is completely appropriate to repost blog links for updates that could be relevant to followers. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be done on a daily basis, but could be beneficial every few weeks or months depending on the amount of new follower activity.

5. Keep your schedule engaging: Scheduling social media updates ahead of time is very convenient for anyone dabbling in social media marketing, but the scheduling of updates in advance does not negate the idea that fan engagement must be manually managed. Be sure to monitor your social media sites regularly and to reply to the post of fans and followers in an appropriate and timely manner. We would hate to see you lose fans because they feel ignored.

Social media marketing is an aspect of business that is commonly overlooked but holds great importance for the growth of a brand. If you or anyone you know is looking to fill their business with social media, then we encourage you to contact Three Girls Media today. We are ready to help spread the good news about you!

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