When you browse on search engines like Google, the description that pops up underneath each link is called a meta-description. It helps to hook readers and convince them to read the article and click on the link. By writing excellent meta descriptions for your blog posts and articles, you can help raise your likelihood of being chosen. Here are three tips for writing great blurbs to help increase readership.

Do you know how meta descriptions can help your SEO?

Do you know how meta descriptions can help your SEO?

3 Tips for Writing Good Meta-Descriptions

  1. Keep it Short (Less than 156 Characters)

To avoid losing most of your message to the dreaded ellipsis (…), keep your meta description short, sweet and to the point. 156 characters is generally the maximum users will be able to view on sites like Google. This character-count isn’t exact; it’s a guideline. Search engines see meta descriptions as picture-like snapshots and this amount of letters, numbers and spaces usually fits within that area.

  1. Include the Keywords

Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making sure to use appropriate keywords users would typically search. Sites like InboundWriter can help you determine keywords with lots of analytics and research, but a good place to start is with Google Analytics or a simple search. Find common phrases and words others are writing about and make sure to include it in your meta description. This will help search engines recognize what your post is about.

  1. Use a Call to Action

Writing for your readers, not for the search engine, is a good way to boost your SEO through excellent meta descriptions; users’ behavior is factored into online rankings. Using a call to action can help convince your readers to click through and read your article; try thinking about your meta descriptions like an advertisement.

Readers are likely to click on copy that is short, easy to read and uses active language; including a call to action is a good way to go. How do you write meta descriptions? Please share your tips in the comments below.

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