Fun Fact: Google considers around 200 factors when ranking for SEO (search engine optimization).

As publicists, we are always talking to our clients about SEO. Search engine optimization is what each of our clients want to master. They want to be seen, clicked, liked, pinned and retweeted as much as possible, and it’s my job to do that. But I also love the opportunity to teach about SEO and the best practices one can do to spread awareness about their product or service.

Have you mastered the three SEO tactics?

Have you mastered the three SEO tactics?

In case you were wondering, search engine optimization is defined as “the practice of improving and promoting a web site in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines.” So how do you do that?

3 SEO Beginner’s Tactics 

1. Audience first, search engines second. 

In case you weren’t aware, Google is one smart cookie made up of thousands of intelligent search engine optimization analysts who actually do want to get people the most educational, engaging and unique content onto people’s screens. In order to do this, you need to create content that is epic and tailored to your target audience. Creating content that is thick with important information can increase traffic to your site, build trust with your audience and attract inbound links and social shares to get your content elsewhere. 

2. Keywords AND placement. 

It’s not enough to just throw keywords all over your content and hope that you’ll earn some extra bonus points with Google. Pick one great keyword or key phrase to focus your content around. Why? This will build structure, consistency and help SEO by making it easier for Google to know what you’re all about. Take some clues from Carly Murphy with these five keyword placements:

  • Blog Post URL: Use hyphens between each word
  • Page Title
  • Page Headers
  • Image Alt Tags: Include the keyword in the alt tag to help tie it into the post
  • Meta Description

3. Create Internal Links

According to Murphy, internal linking is “the act of positioning hyperlinks throughout your site that link to separate pages within the same domain.” In English, this means that if you’re writing a blog post, make sure to include links to other blog posts on your website or other pages. This allows users to navigate the site and also gives you some free votes in the SEO department.

What other tactics do you think are crucial for SEO success?

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