Content Strategy: 7 Rules for Creating Awesome Content

Content Strategy: 7 Rules for Creating Awesome Content

This article was originally posted in December, 2013.

As the New Year approaches, I hope that you are actively thinking about your content marketing strategy. More than ever, brand awareness and an active presence online are what makes a business stand out and get the attention of prospects and industry connoisseurs. With that presence comes the pressure to have awesome content. Here are seven rules that will help you start off your year with a bang!

1. Write for your prospects, not your peers

Too many businesses’ content strategy is focused around impressing people in the industry. Wrong! If I’m not mistaken, most companies want to provide a good product and/or service and make money. If you don’t reach out to potential clients because you’re too busy talking lingo with your peers, then say goodbye to forward progress.

2. Everything is contentawesome content

Absolutely everything, including voice mails, Facebook comments, emails, business cards, tweets, videos, infographics, is content and therefore part of your content marketing strategy. Use it!

3. Have an opinion

Why does Guy Kawasaki have 1,396,787 Twitter followers? He has an opinion! Your content strategy should include your opinion; maybe not on politics or turkey bacon, but sticking with a vanilla outlook won’t have your clients running to you for a credited view on an industry issue. Stay away from appealing to everyone and take a stand for what you believe in.

4. Banish buzzwords

Your clients didn’t come to your website to read the same keyword over and over again. Stop filling your business social media accounts with them. Likewise, stay away from casual shorthand like LOL (laugh out loud).

5. Make a proper introduction

Just like you would meet potential clients at a trade show or over coffee, the content you create needs to include a proper introduction. Your business needs to be human too.

6. Learn how to edit

Just take the extra time and do it. Carefully proofread each piece of content and ideally have at least one other person look it over and do the same. Two sets of eyes are definitely better than one when it comes to your brand content and image.

7. Be yourself 

There is a bottomless pit of content on the Internet. If you’re looking to blend in, then set up automation. If not, stop being a business and start being you.

Why not give these rules a try and see what happens? We can’t wait to hear about your successes!

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