Promoting your business requires a multi-pronged approach through a variety of avenues like social media, websites, blogging, coupons, and in-person networking, just to name a few. Another powerful marketing tool are email newsletters. In one marketing newsletter, which your target audience can see right inside an email, you can disseminate information in a tasteful and inviting format.

Ready to get started? Here are six tips on how to make the most of this marketing tool.

  1. Make And Stick To A Schedule: As with so much of our advice, consistency is key. Let’s say you are a realtor. When a specific person on your contact list is moving, all those months of having sent out a consistent newsletter will trigger her to think of you at this critical time. We recommend a monthly or bi-monthly email newsletter depending on your industry. Money managers might consider this more frequent option, for example. Whatever frequency you choose, keep at it.
  2. Computer with Subscribe written on it for newsletter.

    Having clear branding in your newsletter makes it easier for customers to recognize your content on other platforms.

    Establish Your Brand: Like consistent timing, you want your image and branding to remain the same. Use company colors that match your logo, including the fonts, tone, etc. Make sure you implement your brand guidelines across all the content you create, including your website and social media platform.

  3. Get Organized: One way to ensure your email newsletter gets read is to include different categories. Some potential categories include “What’s New,” “Staff Highlights” and “Blog Articles.” If appropriate, include a coupon, service discount or special. Whatever categories or sections you create, have them be easily populated each time you prepare your newsletter, so you don’t spend a lot of time reinventing it each issue.
  4. Take Time To Prepare: Don’t leave creating your email marketing newsletter to the last minute. If you throw your newsletter together in the last half hour before you send it out, it will show. Give yourself plenty of time to write the content, let it sit for at least an hour (overnight is better) and then come back and proofread, proofread, proofread! Spelling errors are costly public relations mistakes and diminish your brand in your audience’s eyes!
  5. Find The Right Platform: One of the most-used newsletter creation software is Constant Contact. You can compare their service with Vertical Response or MailChimp. All offer a similar service, but one may be more appropriate for your budget or ease of use.
  6. Make The Most Of Your Content: After your email newsletter is complete, send it out to your customer and contact database. Then post the e-newsletter to your social media outlets and your website. If you included a blog reference in your newsletter, make sure they mutually reference each other for increased SEO and exposure.

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