When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), everyone wants their content to show up first on social networking sites; it’s the easiest way to be seen and get those clicks that will boost your reputation as a business. What most people don’t know is that there are serious errors that can hurt your SEO credibility. Avoid these four mistakes from Inc. to stay on top of your game and out of the search engine traps.

Google knows more thank you think.

Google knows more thank you think.

1. Duplicate content

Google hates seeing identical content on multiple social networking sites and regular websites. It is critical that you do not copy and paste any identical content across your website pages, even if the content is relevant on both occasions. Post creative and fresh content that still carries high SEO points and avoid copycats. 

2. Keywords in Anchor Text

Believe it or not, Google is a pretty smart cookie and knows when you’re trying to boost your SEO points in an unnatural way. The secret to ranking high on Google is getting other quality social networking sites to link back to your own. When you stuff keywords into anchor text (the blue underlined hyperlink text), this looks sketchy. For example, say you are a candle company who wants to rank high for the keyword phrase “pumpkin spice candles.” Don’t have a bunch of blogs posts with the phrase, “They have pumpkin spice candles here.”

3. Leaving Keywords Out of URLs

This may seem obvious but so many companies forget about this incredibly effective SEO effort. Make your URLs keyword rich to rank higher on searches. For example, instead of www.threegirlsmedia.com/blog/4576, write https://www.threegirlsmedia.com/2013/11/14/business-blog-how-to-tell-people-about-it/.

4. Buying Links

Google engineers know when you’re trying to beat the system. It used to be that you could post some relevant content and then buy blogs or social networking sites with the anchor text you needed. Don’t do it. Instead, simply post rich, original and creative content that is abundant with information that a user is looking for.

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