What New Year’s Eve Can Teach You about Social Media Marketing

What New Year’s Eve Can Teach You about Social Media Marketing

As I was making my New Year’s Eve plans, I was surprised by what social media marketing and this holiday have in common. As a time to start anew, here are three lessons you can use to inspire your social media campaign this coming New Year.

1. New Year’s Eve Party 

Don't skimp out the small stuff!

Don’t skimp out the small stuff!

The classic New Year’s Eve party includes the best music of the year, a great atmosphere and really good champagne. It wasn’t planned in two hours. The same idea can be applied to your social media marketing plan. Make your presence exciting on social media platforms and execute a well-thought out strategy that is made up of the best things you have to offer. Don’t skimp out on the small stuff because, much like bad champagne at a bar on New Year’s Eve, people will notice. 

2. New Year’s Eve Outfit

Ladies all over the world have been shopping and planning a New Year’s Eve outfit since Halloween. Why? It’s the perfect excuse to wear a ton of glitter and don a dress that could give off solar energy. Women (and men) want to ring in the New Year looking their best and be memorable. Go into the New Year with a social media marketing plan that gets people’s attention and makes them remember you. Sure, it may be a little ostentatious, but if it’s still tasteful and creative, then customers will associate those qualities with your brand.

3. New Year’s Resolutions

People will start Day 1 of their New Year’s resolutions and hopefully won’t be burned out by next week. Hopefully you have some resolutions for your social media marketing plan and it is your job to make sure you keep these goals. During these crucial few weeks where everything is still a little fragile, make sure to offer encouragement to your team and customers and keep them focused on what they want.

2014 will be here in less than 24 hours! Take this special time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what you hope to complete in the New Year. Best of luck and have fun with it!

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