3G.Blog.IMAGE.PitchPerfect.10.24.2014Developing and distributing the perfect press release and/or pitch is vital to securing media coverage. From creating successful media lists to following up with sample requests, having a solid editorial media campaign is possible with a great press release that captures attention when sending pitches to journalists. Check out these tips to make your next media pitch perfect!

  1. Check the List: One of the most important elements of an editorial campaign is having successful media lists. The contacts within the list are those who will receive pitches and press releases promoting the business’ products or services. Be sure to only include relevant media contacts that have an interest in your client’s area of interest.
  2. Capture Attention: Having a perfect release to use in pitches is only helpful if recipients open the email. The key to getting in the door by sending pitches to journalists is having informative and engaging headlines that entice the press to read the release. Think of the headline as a space to give a quick and captivating summary about what is to follow in the body of the email to help boost open rates.
  3. Leave the Door Open: Above all, sending pitches to journalists on media lists is about starting a dialogue. Having a pitch perfect press release can help develop conversations with the media, but be sure to conclude the release with an invitation to connect, as well as the best way for the media to follow-up with you for further information about the product, samples or services.

Captivating the attention of a journalist can be a tough job for business owners in any industry, but with these tips and tricks, you can help boost the chances of landing coverage for your company. Sending releases to relevant contacts with attention-grabbing headlines that leave room for follow-up and conversation can help make your next editorial campaign perfect in just a few steps!

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