What customer service lessons can you learn from Gordon Ramsay?

What customer service lessons can you learn from Gordon Ramsay?

What is the last thing you’ve found online that absolutely caught your attention? For me, it was discovering the episode of Kitchen Nightmares that featured Amy’s Baking Company. Over the years I have seen various episodes of the Gordon Ramsay show, but nothing came close to this restaurant. It was filled with drama, insanity, terrible customer service and Ramsay walking out. After watching the episode, I thought of three lessons in customer service that you can use for your own business so you don’t end up like them.

Kitchen Nightmares: 3 Customer Service Lessons from Amy’s Baking Company

  1. Handle Customer Comments or Complaints In Person

During the episode, any comments or complaints about food being under or overcooked were completely ignored and dismissed. If your company receives unpleasant feedback, which can happen, don’t panic and address the issue head on. Reevaluate the situation and see what can be fixed and how to better your business going forward. Work with the customer to find a resolution.

  1. Managing Your Online Reputation

If the owners couldn’t handle comments in person, they certainly did not handle online reviews well. Whether it was from Yelp or Facebook they lashed out against negative comments and kept referring to the opinions of their customers as “haters.” They even went to Dr. Phil for advice. As with dealing with customer comments in person, take the online reviews seriously. Sometimes, a negative review may not be enough to deter future potential customers, but how you handle yourself online can impact their decision.

  1. Aim for Repeat Customers

One of the most astonishing moments of the show (besides all of it) was the way the owners spoke to their customers. They had no problem telling them off and demanding they leave their restaurant. This should go without saying, but be nice to your customers and they’ll be nice to you. One of the best ways to get more customers is through word of mouth. Most people try a new business or service if it has been recommended by someone they trust.

Kitchen Nightmares is usually entertaining enough, but the Amy’s Baking Company episode took the cake. If you are looking to achieve expert levels of customer service remember to handle customer complaints in person, work to manage your online reputation and aim for repeat customers.


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