Recently, we wrote a post about leveraging your editorial media coverage to achieve maximum success. If you’ve just received some great PR, you’ll want to make sure everyone knows about it! In addition to writing a blog post about the mention, pinning it on Pinterest or writing a thank you card to the reporter, here are three ways to make the most out of your media coverage so it reaches the widest audience possible.

What are you doing to maximize your editorial media coverage?

What are you doing to maximize your editorial media coverage?

Leveraging Media Coverage: 3 More Tips for Success

  1. Create Social Buzz

Social media is a great place to share new media coverage and can be a way to reciprocate the favor back to the reporter who wrote about your company. Sharing helpful content to your networks may help it reach a new audience; do the reporter a favor and help spread the word about them, increasing their fans and followers in addition to yours.

  1. Strategize

You should create a public relations and social media strategy before embarking upon a campaign, but do you leave room in the plan for unforeseen events or media coverage? Creating a game plan that’s fluid rather than strict can open up space for you to promote editorial coverage as it arises. Giving a social media shout out about your new placement as soon as it goes live will show the writer you are grateful for and proud of the mention.

  1. Create an Online Press Area

Dedicating a section of your website for editorial media coverage is a great way to consolidate and host all positive articles. This can be a good area to refer current and prospective clients to so they can see where you stand in your industry.

Instead of collecting media mentions and forming a database of editorial coverage, you should spread it to the world so others can see. Creating social media updates, allowing some flexibility in your strategy and creating an online press room are all great ways to leverage your success. What other tips can you offer to make the most of earned media coverage?

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