[Facebook for Business] 3 Things to Know about Changes in 2015

For those using Facebook for business, it’s important to know the social network is constantly growing and evolving. Since Facebook’s users are coming for news and culture updates in addition to connecting with friends, the network has made a few changes that may affect the visibility of your company page. Here are 3 things to know about the 2015 changes to using Facebook for business.

Are you using Facebook for business? You won't want to miss these new changes.

Are you using Facebook for business? You won’t want to miss these new changes.

[Facebook for Business] 3 Things to Know about Changes in 2015

  1. Personal Settings

Changes made to business pages are reflected in the personal and privacy settings. A new “Privacy Basics” section lets admins monitor who can see the page and control their advertising. In addition, Facebook now allows users to customize preferences for visibility on apps and block certain ones if desired. Continue reading

3 Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is everywhere these days, both appearing in digital content and in more mainstream entertainment like feature-length films. There are many ways to market your products and services by using created content as a vehicle for spreading the good news about you. Here are 3 common content marketing mistakes and several ways to avoid them.

3g content3 Common Content Marketing Mistakes

  1. Not Paying Enough Attention to Your Brand

While it’s important your content marketing efforts don’t lead with sales pitches, it’s also vital to pay attention to your brand and produce content in line with your strategy. Creative content is shared and enjoyed by followers, but make sure they know who produced the article after reading it. You can embed your brand’s energy, enthusiasm and personality into anything you produce so you are maintaining a consistent image. Continue reading

Blogging for SEO [Statistics]

Are you blogging for SEO? Here's why you should be!

Are you blogging for SEO? Here’s why you should be!

Are you blogging for your business? Blogging for SEO (search engine optimization) continues to be one of the best ways to make your company’s website more visible online. We’ve seen it work well for countless clients, as well as for Three Girls itself.

But we’re not alone! As the infographic below shows, blogging for SEO has immense value. Here are just 8 of the fascinating statistics:

  1. Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those without.
  2. 82% of customers enjoy reading relevant content from brands.
  3. 81% of US customers trust advice and information from blogs.
  4. Companies that blog have 80% more new visits than those that don’t.
  5. 70% of customers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.
  6. 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.
  7. 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.
  8. Businesses with over 200 total blog articles got 4.6 times more traffic than those with under 20 blog posts.

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Facebook Marketing Tips: Part 2

Could a QR code help your Facebook marketing success?

Could a QR code help your Facebook marketing success?

Facebook marketing is a crucial aspect of getting the word out about your business. Many times consumers will only check a Facebook page for information and abandoned the business if their page is not sufficiently filled out. Last week we gave you 4 Facebook marketing tips; here are 3 more to use.

3 Facebook Marketing Tips

  1. Hold a Contest

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6 Common Marketing Challenges Small Business Owners Face Part 2

Earlier, we shared 3 common marketing challenges business owners may face. Retaining clients, planning strategic growth and balancing countless responsibilities can all present a challenge, but you may have experienced other challenges to growth. Here are 3 more hurdles you may encounter, and ways to beat them like a pro.

39316291_l3 More Common Marketing Challenges Small Business Owners Face

  1. Reaching a Wide Audience

It’s important to have a vast and diverse client base to avoid relying on a few major accounts to keep your business afloat. Social media is the perfect channel to reach new markets and get to know new customers. To help with name recognition, create content that is shareable and interesting so fans spread it to their friends; it helps to include images or memes that are timely and related to your industry. Continue reading