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DeathtoStock_Wired10Just ten years ago, cell phones with built-in cameras were the latest in cutting edge technology. As the world awaits the debut of the newest iPhone 6, it’s clear that people fell in love with multipurpose phones and never looked back. Mobile marketing is essential to reach target audiences of any age or background, as cell phone users can range from school-aged children to tech-savvy seniors. Get the most out of your advertising by reaching out to customers through the one thing they’re all likely to have: cell phones.

Cell Phones are the New Billboard

Photo Sharing: Whether you chose Instagram, Twitter, Vine or another favorite photo-sharing application, it’s vital to be visual with your mobile marketing campaign. Be sure to keep the photo sharing legal by using photos that are available for usage and not protected by licensing that prohibits the photo from being shared.

Text messages: Most businesses encourage their customers to sign up for their newsletter mailings or emails. If your small business is having a hard time increasing open rates on newsletters, consider reaching out to customers in a more personable way with text messages that can act as advertisements for limited-time specials or offers.

Awesome Apps: It seems like nearly every week brings a new “it” app that everyone is fired up about. Apps tend to catch on when they are offered for download free of charge, and this is possible because app developers can sell advertising to support their app financially. Consider paying for advertising space in the mobile realm by partnering with an emerging app and watch your customer base grow!

Creating an advertising plan that doesn’t include a mobile marketing aspect could reduce the return on investment. Be sure to focus on your target audience and where they might be more likely to be…tapping away on their cell phones. Whether it’s a simple text message with a special offer or a full Instagram campaign, when it comes to modern marketing, keeping it mobile will help ensure awesome results!

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Three PR Lessons from Sesame Street

One of the most important parts of public relations involves staying in the top of your audience’s minds. Staying relevant for over 45 years is one thing that Sesame Street has done best. Public relations can take a few lessons from Sesame Street by applying some of the elements of its well-strategized evolution to important tenants of public relations. Here are 3 PR lessons you can take from PBS Kids’ Sesame Street and its characters.


Elmo, a character from Sesame Street.

  1. Capture the Attention of Your Audience

Sesame Street’s goal was to captivate the attention of children in order to teach them. The same is true for public relations. In order to teach your audience about your product or service, you need to hold their attention in a captivating way. Knowing your audience is the first step to being able to hold their attention and spread your message.

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Gaela Brown

Singer and Songwriter Gaela Brown

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Who Is It: Gaela Brown is a Paris-born entertainer making her U.S. debut in 2014 with her new single, “I’m Loving It,” produced by CanUFeelIt Records. “I’m Loving It” is now available on iTunes and the official video can be seen on YouTube here.

Gaela is a soulful singer/songwriter and composer, gifted choreographer and terrific musician. With her triple-threat talent, Gaela is a captivating performer.

With an international fan-base, Gaela has performed on stages all around the world including Los Angeles, Paris and London. She is a passionate performer with the ability to engage audiences from all walks of life.

Where Is She? Find Gaela performing on a stage near you by connecting with her on social media!

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Writing a Blog: Tagging Your Posts

Are you using tags in your blog?

Are you using tags in your blog?

Writing blog posts is one of the most effective and useful ways to show readers the content you are working on and possibly how you can help them. Establishing a consistent readership is great for your site, but how can you improve your blog posts? By tagging them. Tags act as a link for topics between blog posts.

3 Reasons to Tag Your Blog Posts

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What is Social Media? A Guide for Business Owners

Do you understand how to use social media for your business?

Do you understand how to use social media for your business?

In this day and age, most people have heard of social media and have some sort of preconceived notion of what it is. After all, who hasn’t heard of Facebook? Still, when it comes to using various social media sites to get the word out about your business, a lot of owners feel lost. Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide to help get you up to speed.

What is Social Media?

Ultimately, social media is a way to connect with people: friends, family, business contacts, clients, potential customers, etc. As a business owner, it’s a fantastic way to remind consumers about your business in a fun, helpful way. Continue reading