Kim Kardashian: 3 Lessons from a Social Media Titan

What social media lessons could your business learn from Kim Kardashian?

What social media lessons could your business learn from Kim Kardashian?

Ah, Kim Kardashian. This name has become one of the most talked about in recent history. Whether you love her, hate her, or just love to hate her, there is no denying that she has turned her own life into a multi-million dollar empire and the public is buying into it. I personally am a fan of Kim K. and her family; I love to keep up with them and have bought into their brand. Whether or not you watch their shows, buy her perfume or read their books, the Kardashians are a force in the current social climate and are not going anywhere any time soon. You don’t get over 22 million Twitter followers and countless endorsement deals on accident. That being said, you could learn a lesson or two from Mrs. Kanye West.

3 Social Media Lessons from Kim Kardashian

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Social Media Management: 3 Ways to Grow Your Target Audience

I never thought I would spend 11 days in Minot, North Dakota at the North Dakota State Fair.

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Are you speaking to your target audience?

As a social media specialist, the act of joining the circus to work with kids for a short time isn’t something that appears on our to-do lists very often. But when I was presented with the opportunity to go on tour with a children’s theater company that I used to work for, I couldn’t pass it up.

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Social Media Management: 5 Tips from Weird Al Yankovic

This past week, Weird Al Yankovic released 8 new songs in 8 days from his album – one each day with an accompanying music video. Of course, with how popular and talented he is, the songs went viral. Starting with Tacky last Monday, each video had millions of views and shares. What social media management tips can you learn from Weird Al? I came up with 5.

5 Social Media Management Tips from Weird Al Yankovic

Follow these social media management tips to be like Weird Al.

Follow these social media management tips to be like Weird Al.

1. Start with someone else’s success. Weird Al’s newest songs include parodies of some really popular tunes: Pharrell’s “Happy,” Lorde’s “Royals” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” By putting his own spin on successful songs, he created something completely new to share. In the same way, don’t be afraid to look at what other brands are doing on their social media channels and put your own spin on it.

2. …But don’t take all the credit. Weird Al Yankovic gets permission from each song’s original artist. In addition to avoiding any legal trouble, sharing credit and even getting permission (depending on how similar your content is) is a professional courtesy that’s worth extending.

3. Stay relevant. Weird Al’s first single was released in 1979. He’s been writing, recording and performing both parodies and original songs for 35 years! One big element of his success (in addition to his creativity and sense of humor) is his ability to stay relevant. An important part of social media management is keeping up with what’s going on in the world and using it for your business’ benefit. Continue reading

Advertising Techniques: 4 Brand Journalism Tips

How do you use brand journalism for your business?

How do you use brand journalism for your business?

Let’s face it: creating and maintaining a digital footprint is hard work. Between multiple social media sites, newsletters and blogs, it can difficult to discern what will bring the highest return on investment for your small business. Brand journalism is one of few advertising techniques that supports companies communicating directly with their audiences. Feeling ready for the challenge? Read on to learn great ways to use brand journalism to communicate with customers and promote products.

Advertising Techniques: 4 Tips & Tricks

1. Instagram: The popular photo sharing app is highly sought after by top companies seeking to share their newest products. Using Instagram provides a visual aid to accompany the story told and allows for follow up and sharing by other users.  Continue reading

The Wire and Social Media Management: 3 Parallels

Okay, so I’m about a decade behind the times when it comes to television.  My wife and I have an Amazon Prime account and we recently started watching HBO’s “The Wire.”  The show follows a group of Baltimore detectives as they navigate the chaos of a corrupt city and their own dysfunctional lives in an effort to catch the bad guy. The Wire is more than just great television, it offers clues on how to run a successful social media campaign.

The Wire has useful lessons for managing your social media

The Wire has useful lessons for managing your social media

3 Social Media Management Lessons from The Wire

1. Patience Is a Virtue

The Internet’s accessibility and speed makes social media easy – too easy.  The Wire showcases the tedium of building a case.  The process is slow and often yields only marginal results.  However, every bit of information has its place and fits nicely into a larger puzzle.  The lesson for your social media management is to slow down.  Think about your strategy, double check your spelling and be critical of the information you’re sending out into the world. Continue reading