Advice for Sprinkling Holiday Spirit into Your Marketing Strategy

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a fantastic opportunity for your business to connect with its customers in a fun, new way. There’s still time to take advantage of the holidays and resonate with your audience throughout the season. Here are 13 ways to inject the holiday spirit into your digital marketing strategy, starting with social media tactics.

Spread holiday cheer through your marketing strategy.

Spread holiday cheer through your marketing strategy.

Holiday Spirit in Marketing: 13 Strategies

  1. Combine Social Media with Traditional Marketing Strategies

You put lots of effort into all aspects of your business’ marketing, from printed advertising materials like fliers, brochures and advertisements, to pamphlets, handouts or coupons. This holiday season is the perfect time to offer seasonal deals like a Holiday Doorbuster sale or New Year’s event. To get the most mileage out of your efforts, be sure to combine your social media tactics with traditional marketing strategies. Include social media handles on all content you produce so customers can find you everywhere. Continue reading

Effy Says…Mobile Matters!

As Effy says, remember your mobile users!

As Effy says, remember your mobile users!

Are you thinking about mobile users when you develop your content? As Effy Says, most emails are opened on mobile devices and nearly half of Facebook’s users only browse on their phones and tablets, so optimize your emails, blog, social media images, etc with these users in mind!

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Discover How to be Successful on Social Media

Find out how your small business can use social media successfully.

Discover the secrets on how your small business can use social media successfully.

Most of today’s population has at least one social media account where they connect with friends and family as well as their favorite brands. In order to reach your audience in a direct and engaging manner, it is vital that your small business is on social media as well. If you’re unsure on how to create a social media strategy that connects meaningfully with your customers, keep reading for the steps to success, pitfalls to avoid and several ways to add a little personality into your account.

5 Steps to Get Started on Social Media

The world of social media can be daunting, stressful and chaotic, but extremely rewarding in the end. For many small business owners, social media marketing is a new and scary thing, but these simple steps should get you on a track to success.

  1. Research –Before you take the plunge and jump into social media marketing for your small business, take the time to research your brand’s audience. Are they more likely to be on TwitterFacebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest? What times of day are they the most active online? What kind of information are they interested in from social media? These are all crucial questions you need to find the answers to in order to make the most out of your social media attempts and connect with your audience.
  2. Plan – After you have done your research, it is time to come up with a game plan. Diving head first into social media marketing without any sort of plan is like moving without boxes! This step is when you need think about the frequency you post, the time of your posts and your goals for social media. After you have a clear vision for your social media, set aside time every week so you can plan and draft your next set of social media. Doing this will ensure that you have fresh content ready for your audience to enjoy.
  3. Organize – Now that you have a plan, sort out your priorities. What tools can you utilize to make your life easier? For social networking, schedule your posts ahead of time. Websites like HootSuite and SproutSocial allow you to organize your social media days or even weeks in advance. Organization is key to keeping stress levels at a minimum.
  4. Execute – You are now ready to post your first round of social media. It’s really not that scary to tweet, post and/or pin. One thing to remember during this step is do not get discouraged if you aren’t seeing immediate responses. It takes time and consistency to build your audience; keep pushing forward and your patience will be rewarded!
  5. Reflect – How did it go? What could you do next time to make it less stressful? Social media marketing is always changing, so take time to reflect on how your campaign is going. What worked last week may not be working this week. New trends are always on the rise and old ones fade into background noise. One thing is for sure: when it comes to social media there’s always room for improvement.

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Effy Says…Share!

As Effy says, make sure you promote the content you create.

As Effy says, make sure you promote the content you create.

What do you do once you publish new content? As Effy says, make sure you let your social media followers know to read it! Remember this tip: Post updates that are enticing, inspiring them to click through to your website.

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Top 8 Marketing Lessons From My Amazing New Wardrobe

Young beautiful women at the weekly cloth market - best friends sharing free time having fun and shopping in the old town in a sunny day - girlfriends enjoying everyday life moments

What can my LuLaRoe addiction teach you about marketing? Keep reading to find out!

Hi, my name is Emily and I have a new addiction: LuLaRoe clothing! I’ve always been a, “dress for comfort and let the style come second,” kind of girl, but once I started about hearing about LuLaRoe and tried a few pieces on, I was hooked! After all, it’s rare to get both comfort and style in affordably priced clothing. But that’s not what fed my addiction.

LuLaRoe’s combination of direct marketing and social media management fuel women’s addictions across the country. This week’s blog post takes a look at how this clothing company has created an immersive experience for consumers, and marketing lessons you can take and apply to your own business.

An Introduction to LuLaRoe

Touted as “simply comfortable” and “where fashion meets comfort,” LuLaRoe creates dresses, tops, skirts, leggings and wraps for women, children and men. The company’s founder and designer creates various styles of clothing and then releases them in different prints and colors. Each style is a set design, so shoppers know if they’re a certain size in the Irma top or Carly dress, for example, they’ll be that size in any of the Irmas or Carlys they purchase. In addition to set styles (which makes shopping easier once you know your sizes!), the designs are flattering on wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you wear a size 6 or 16, you can wear your LuLaRoe wardrobe with confidence. Continue reading