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Happy August! Are you ready for the last month of summer? Just because it’s summer break doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting around doing nothing; check out the latest and greatest coverage of Three Girls Media and our clients!


Media Outlet: Plus Model Magazine
Client: Curvy Girl Lingerie
From the Article: “Curvy Girl Lingerie’s annual lingerie show is almost here and if you’re in the Northern California area, this is a must-attend event.”
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Media Outlet: CBS Miami
Client: Three Girls Media
From the Article: “Emily Sidley, senior publicist of Three Girls Media, said when she got her first performance bonus instead of an annual salary increase she understood it was because of the shaky economy.”
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Social Media: The Right Time to Tweet

When is your target audience on Twitter?

When is your target audience on Twitter?

How often do you tweet (post an update on Twitter) for your small business? This social media giant is an incredible way to reach your audience and share new and exciting information. With 24 hours in a day and only 140 characters, the chances of your audience seeing your tweet could be slim, but not if you know when they’re online. This infographic breaks down when your customers are Twitter and how to reach them.

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5 Infographic Design Mistakes

This post shares common infographic design mistakes that could impact your ability to spread your message effectively. Creative content is everywhere and it can be hard to have your brand’s voice heard amongst a vast amount of users on social media. Avoid these five infographic design mistakes to make sure your content reaches an audience.

Do you create infographics?

Do you create infographics?

5 Infographic Design Mistakes

  1. Using Too Much Text

A key of infographic design is to remember that images are supposed to represent thoughts. If there’s too much text, it becomes more like an article or blog post and you risk losing readers. Try to find images and graphics that represent your message and aid in your audience’s understanding. Continue reading

3 Ways to Write a Great Pitch Subject Line [Media Relations]

This post shares tips for writing a subject line when email pitching to enhance your tactics for media relations. The subject line serves as an introduction to your pitch and a window into you or your client’s world. Most pitches lacking good subject lines are deleted and never read, so learning to craft a good one is worth the effort. Creating a subject line to use for pitching the media is similar to writing a headline for an article. Here are three ways to craft a great one.

How do you write a pitch subject line?

How do you write a pitch subject line?

3 Ways to Write a Great Subject Line [Pitching the Media]

  1. Promise Something

While readers and fans will be drawn in from a creative headline, a journalist is looking for a bit more. Searching for a story their readers will love, they are looking for the newest news and the hottest trends. Try writing a subject line that draws the reader in and promises a story readers would be interested in like, “This new sushi trend has taken Seattle by storm.” Continue reading

How to Boost a Facebook Post [Advertising Guide]

This is a picture of a woman using a computer.

Follow this guide to boost a Facebook post.

Are you trying to make your business more visible on Facebook? You may want to consider investing in a Facebook boosted post. Unlike traditional Facebook ads that show up in the side bars of the network’s page, boosted posts appear directly in users’ newsfeeds, giving them much more visibility.

Why a Facebook Boosted Post?

There are a lot of benefits to advertising on Facebook. In addition to being able to set your own budget, it’s very easy to run an ad and, based on the results we’ve seen for Three Girls and our clients, effective. Continue reading