How to Write a Great Headline

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An important part of writing a great press release is having a catchy headline. Headlines are vital because they draw your readers in and let them know what your press release or article is all about.  Here are 4 key elements to writing a great headline.


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4 Key Elements to Writing a Great Headline

  1. Excitement or Surprise

Writing a great headline is all about drawing your readers in and making them wonder, “What happened next?” If you include a surprise fact, a perplexing question or an announcement people were waiting for, you are sure to catch your reader’s attention and get them to read your story. Continue reading

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How do you “Shake it Off?”

How do you “Shake it Off?”

If you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift released her new album, 1989, this Monday. You may or may not like her, but chances are you’ve seen her on a talk show or at least heard her single, “Shake If Off.” While not a particularly deep song, this song proves to be an anthem for young fans who are letting go of the haters and negativity. Whether you’re 15 years old or have 15 years in the business, you may have experienced your share of hard times and bullies. Let’s take a second and learn a few lessons from Ms. Swift’s lyrics.

3 Lessons From Shake It Off
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NannySure Helps Keep Children Safe

Photo Courtesy of: rabbipedro

Photo Courtesy of: rabbipedro

Nearly 8 million children are being watched by a nanny or babysitter while their parents are at work. Since daycare centers are filling up quickly, many times parents only have the option of hiring a childcare provider to come into their home while they are away.

Traditional nanny cams often spy on sitters, waiting to catch them for doing something wrong. One of our clients, NannySure, is a great new solution for video monitoring what’s going on in your home that not only can verify your children are safe while you’re away, but works to establish a trusting relationship between you, your child and your nanny.

Trust can be hard for parents to build with their child’s caregiver, even if they have known the person for a while or the nanny comes recommended. NannySure is a great way to build trust because it allows you to see your child’s day to day activities in real time so you can catch potential problems right away and know that your child is well taken care of. Continue reading

4 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site

You have a well-designed website, a solid product and a great business plan. How do you drive traffic to your website and turn those clicks into sales? There are many ways to increase traffic to your site, each with pros and cons. A strong advertising campaign can be a great way to increase traffic to your website, but it can be costly. Here are 4 other cost-effective ways to increase website traffic and start generating buzz in the online world.


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4 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site

  1. Search Engine Optimization

It isn’t enough just to post content on your website. You need to make sure it will be visible on all of the major search engines. Submit your title ideas into a search engine like Google and see what comes up. You need to make sure you are writing about what people are searching for so they can find your content and start talking about it. You can also submit your website to Google Index for free and it will use its algorithms to crawl your page and show you how to optimize your content. Continue reading

4 Must-Know PR Writing Tips

Writing is a big part of public relations (PR) and marketing. From drafting website copy to writing a press release, you need to be able to get your message across in a concise and compelling manner. Keep reading for 4 PR writing tips that will make good text even better.

4 PR Writing Tips

Remember these 4 PR writing tips.

Remember these 4 PR writing tips.

1. Take out extra words. Even though you may not be limited by a word or character count, it’s important to remove extra words from your copy. Look for throwaway words like “that” and “really,” and as you read over what you’ve written, try to think of ways you can convey the same message with fewer words. In addition to making it easier for readers to understand your message, you’ll thank yourself for developing the skill when you are limited by the character count on Twitter or word count when writing a press release. Continue reading