Instagram’s New Social Analytics

Stay tuned for these new social media analytics from Instagram!

Stay tuned for these new social media analytics tools from Instagram!

Is Instagram part of your company’s marketing strategy? If so, here’s something you’ll probably be excited to hear: the company is rolling out new social media analytics tools soon!

Instagram’s blog explains three new areas of social media analytics, in addition to providing additional insight into the best time of day for photos and videos to go live:

  1. Account Insights. This data will allow companies to measure overall brand awareness through impressions, reach and engagement.
  2. Ad Insights. These social media analytics will show advertisers how their campaigns are performing in relation to the target audience.
  3. Ad Staging. This data lets social media marketers and ad managers prepare upcoming campaigns through preview, save and collaboration options.

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3 Ways to Use Social Media in Marketing

Boost your marketing plan with social media!

Boost your marketing plan with social media!

Having a comprehensive marketing plan for your small business is important.  While great advertising is key, so are public relations and social media. In this post we share some basic principals of social media management that can help you be strategic, and most importantly, effective.

3 Tips to Boost Social Media Marketing at Your Small Business

1. Timing is Everything: If you find that your social media posts get more engagement certain times throughout the day, you might be right! Believe it or not, nearly every social media site has a prime time of posting you can leverage to increase engagement with your audience. Be sure to take into account time zones if your business operates internationally, ensuring you reach clients across the globe. Recent technological advances in marketing software, including tools like HootSuite, even allow you to schedule content prior to publishing, leaving one less job for the person handling public relations at your business.

2. Clever Content: Having content that is informative about  the products or services offered by your small business is vital for successful advertising; but having social media content that is witty, clever and relatable will keep your target audience coming back for more! When creating content for your company, think about the social media posts you are personally likely to engage with and why you’re more likely to respond to certain types of posts. Then use that to create posts for your business that you think your fans will engage with.

3. Rules of Engagement: Clever content will get noticed, but having your target audience engage in conversation will allow you to develop relationships with past, current and future customers. Be sure to ask your followers for their input or feedback in the comments. Being relatable and personable is what drives consumer relationships and can truly help your social media marketing plan succeed!

Creating the perfect public relations campaign can be difficult if you have limited technology or writing experience, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t have an awesome social media marketing plan! Three Girls Media is passionate about helping small businesses with their public relations, media outreach, social media and more. Be sure to visit our blog for the latest news and other ways to promote your business! Need a hand managing your social media? Give us a call today; we’re happy to help!

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Pay it Forward with Social Media

Paying it forward first came into our collective conscious back in 2000 with a movie starring Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment.  Since then, the idea of preemptive kindness has taken many forms.  Most recently, we heard the story of an 11 hour pay it forward at a Florida Starbucks.  Nearly 400 customers participated.  Some shelled out way more than they normally would have if they stuck to their regular orders.  Paying it forward is a powerful concept, one that can be used in the world of social media.

It's easy to pay it forward with social media

It’s easy to pay it forward with social media

3 Ways to Pay it Forward with Social Media

1.  Share

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The Best Times to Post on Social Media

What time do you post on social media?

What time do you post on social media?

Getting user engagement on social media seems like a fairly easy feat, right? You are creating amazing content, linking blog posts into your social media accounts and you’re posting regularly. But for some reason, you don’t seem to be getting many likes, favorites or retweets on your different accounts. While content is crucial, your lack of viewer interaction could be due to the times you are posting. Thanks to this helpful infographic, we can now narrow in on the best times to post. Here are 6 of the most used social media platforms for businesses and the optimal time to post.
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