Clients in the News!

Have you been enjoying the flowers blossoming? This past month has been a great one at Three Girls, with lots of client coverage blossoming as well! Here’s the latest and greatest coverage our clients received this past April.


Media Outlet: AskMen
Client: Adam & Eve
From the Article: “Thankfully, sex toy manufacturers Adam & Eve have done a little scientific digging into the subject o discover what, if any, relationship exists between how much you spend on the date and how much you get out of it, sexually speaking.”
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Media Outlet: Entreprenuer
Client: WEI
From the Article: “WEI is one company that has been studying the evolution of ransomware and providing cutting-edge technology tools to businesses.”
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Media Outlet: National Endowment for the Arts
Client: Mickey Rowe
From the Article: “A young professional autistic actor makes his difference work on the stage.”
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Media Outlet: CIO
Client: Three Girls Media
From the Article: “‘Wonder what consumers will think of your new widget or service? Introduce it on Twitter with a custom hashtag and ask for feedback,’ says Erika Taylor Montgomery, founder and CEO, Three Girls Media, a public relations and social media management agency.”
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How a Transgender Woman and Former Inmate is Advocating for Others

This is a picture of Michelle-Lael Norsworthy

Michelle-Lael is advocating for other transgender and LGBTQ individuals.

What does a transgender woman do after spending a lifetime behind bars in a men’s prison? This one is turning around to help advocate for other transgender and LGBTQ individuals!

Michelle-Lael Norsworthy made national and international headlines for her court case, Norsworthy v. Beard, that set a precedent for the State of California being required to pay for sexual reassignment surgery for transgender inmates.

Now that she’s free, Michelle-Lael has a genuine desire to help other transgender inmates by sharing her own struggle and shedding light on the brutal treatment she, and others like her behind bars, are subjected to during incarceration. Her goal is to open a transitional home for transgendered persons that will help them through the difficult and stressful period during which they are becoming their true selves.

Please help Michelle-Lael make a difference in the lives of transgender men and women who are struggling and striving to be the people they truly believe themselves to be! You can support her cause and learn more about her story at GoFundMe.

Find out more about Michelle-Lael on her electronic press kit, too.

The 24 Best Apps for Business Owners

Three rows of app icons stretching into the distance

Using apps will help you keep your business on track whether you’re in the office or on the go.

These days, business is done less at a desk in a corner office and more on-the-go. Just because you aren’t in the bullpen doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your workload. How is this possible? Well, as the saying goes, “There’s an app for that.”

The smartphone you take with you everywhere has more computer power than NASA’s Orion spaceship. It’s the perfect tool to help you keep track of your schedule, communicate with staff, clients and customers, manage your business’ finances and more. Here is our list of the best mobile apps for today’s business owner.

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The Twitter-Savvy Business: Tips for Increased Engagement

Twitter birds splash out of smartphone.

Are you using Twitter as effectively as possible?

Twitter is an important part of your marketing strategy. It lets you reach a larger, more diverse demographic and promote your business in your own words. It also gives clients and customers a direct line of communication with you and vice versa. But how do you increase the engagement of your followers without sounding contrived? Here are some tips on how you can boost interest and engagement from current followers, as well as examples of businesses that do it the best.

Stat Boosting Techniques

Believe it or not, there are studies and statistics taken on what kind of tweets garner the most interaction from users on Twitter. While the 140 character limit seems short, it’s actually too long for most users. Statistics show that tweets of 110 characters or less get 17 percent more engagement than tweets than max out on character limit. Always tweet between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Though Twitter is active all the time, most people are engaged in the Twitterverse during regular work hours and you’ll see a 30 percent engagement boost in this time span, but this doesn’t mean you should write off the weekend, either. Weekend tweets in this time frame show an additional 17 percent boost as well.

Images, Links and Retweets

It’s a cliche that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but in the Twitter community this is absolutely true. Images get far more interaction than plain text as they’re quicker for users to digest. Links geared toward your demographic will also spark interest and oftentimes lead to user clicks and retweets. Boost your engagement by asking for it. When you tweet an important message you think others should hear, ask for retweets. The people who support your business will oblige happily, as good content spreads easily and quickly. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing: The Benefits & Tools to Execute a Campaign

Social media marketing has quickly become one of the most necessary forms of marketing since 2014, when many experts agree the trend began. To young entrepreneurs, engaging in social media marketing is a no brainer and is a must in their minds. Older small business owners, on the other hand, may not understand the value and relevancy of social media marketing. Keep reading to not only understand the benefits of social media marketing, but to also learn which tools can help you find and schedule content for a successful campaign.

Social media marketing is an important part of small business success.

Social media marketing is an important part of small business success.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Customers not only expect a business to have a Facebook page, but they base whether or not they’ll go to a store (in person or online) based on the company’s social media standing. A recent study by G/O Digital found that shoppers like to study the Facebook pages of businesses before they go out. Finding out information about the business they are looking into is essential to their purchasing decisions. The study also found that buyers are also more likely to commit to a purchase based on positive reviews on Facebook feeds.

Social media marketing extends past Facebook, all the way to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many others. While your business doesn’t need to be on every single platform, it is important to have strong presence and complete profile on whatever site or sites you choose. Take a look at a list of Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing according to Forbes: Continue reading