Clients in the News

Happy April! Want to see some of the recent media coverage we’ve secured for our clients? Here’s the latest and greatest – no fooling!


Media Outlet: Smell The Truth
Client: Americans for Policy Reform
From the Article: “The group behind the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2014 – which failed to gather enough signatures to appear on the ballot in 2014 — announced today that they want public input on 2016 language. The group wants to be the most inclusive, they say, and is using an open Google Document to solicit ideas.”
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Media Outlet: New England Golf & Leisure
Client: Extra Caddy
From the Article: “The Extra Caddy is an easy-to-use device that comes in handy when a ball goes astray or when hitting a bucket at the range. Place up to five clubs in the strap and pull tight.”

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Facebook Advertising Guide: 4 Steps to Using Promoted Posts

Have you considered Facebook advertising for your business? If you have an advertising budget, even a small one, Facebook ads are definitely worth the investment.

What Type of Facebook Ads?

This is a picture of the Facebook logo.

Have you considered Facebook advertising?

There are a couple of different options when it comes to Facebook advertising, but at Three Girls we like to recommend promoted posts for a few reasons:

  1. They show up in users’ news feeds, which makes them much more visible than the Facebook ads in the sidebar.
  2. They work well for mobile users (again, because they show up directly in users’ feeds).
  3. They give potential followers a taste of what your business’ updates are like.

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iSotto Frame

Media Contacts: Three Girls Media, Inc. (408) 218-2391
Natalie Petersen, (360) 556-1817,
Erika Taylor Montgomery, (408) 218-2391,

iSotto Frame

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What is it?

iSotto Frame is the solution to old and outdated digital picture frames. This patent pending design creates a fantastic visual to showcase memories using an iPad.

iSotto Frame is sleek, modern and gorgeously minimalistic, not the eyesore most digital frames often are. Every detail was thought-out by the design team: from the magnetic back cover that allows the user to easily swap out a 5×7 picture displayed while the iPad is in use and its clean edges and curves to the smooth-satin finish and easy way to hide the iPad’s cable through the hole in the kickstand.

How does it work?

iSotto Frame slips right over your iPad!

The patent-pending innovation makes it adaptable to any size and any generation of iPad, from iPad One to iPad Air 2. Conveniently stream memories right from your iCloud or iPad’s internal storage to beautifully display photos in your home or office in iSotto Frame.

When your iPad is connected to the Internet, you or a person with whom you share an album can quickly and easily add or update images and have them displayed instantaneously in iSotto Frame. No longer do you have to worry about figuring out how to load images on USB drives or SD cards from your computer to input pictures on an old fashioned digital frame. The technology is streamlined using one system.

iSotto Frame on a table.

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The benefit of iSotto Frame is the ability to display crisp and beautiful images right from your iPad. iSotto Frame provides users with a visually pleasing way to present, update and showcase precious memories as they happen. Use the kickstand to display iSotto Frame on tables, or use the built-in mount to hang it on a wall.

iSotto Frame

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  • When you remove your iPad from iSotto Frame you still have a stylish frame to display a 5×7 picture of your choosing.
  • Since you are using an iPad, you won’t have pixilated photos. Instead, you’ll get sharp, vivid colors and great contrast in the images displayed in iSotto Frame.
  • iSotto Frame comes in a variety styles and colors: The Modernist, The Contemporarian and The Traditionalist in stainless steel espresso, champagne, bronze & black.

How much is it?

Suggested MSRP: $39.00 – $49.00

Where is it? Find iSotto Frame on Kickstarter

Story Ideas:

  1. The perfect way to quickly and easily display images! How many pictures do you have stored on your iPad and iCloud? How many times do you ever actually see those images after taking them? With iSotto Frame, you can instantly stream and display your images at home or in the office. You’ll never again have to upload images to a USB drive or SD card to get them into an old fashioned digital frame. Play the happy moments of your family, cute moments with your pets, romantic moments with your significant other, celebratory moments with your friends, and off-beat moments with your coworkers.
  2. Show off your kids! Who doesn’t love to display new pictures of their kids? As they get older you want to take pictures and keep up as they grow. Instead of having to constantly buy and change out traditional or out dated digital picture frames, iSotto Frame will quickly and easily display years of smiles through your iPad.
  3. Feature your pet! If there is one thing pet owners love to do, it’s take pictures of their animal friends. Whether your cat or dog is sleeping in an unusual way or romping through a puddle, these are priceless moments you want to remember forever. Add images right from iCloud and show everyone at home or work your best buddy beautifully displayed in iSotto Frame.
  4. Reuse old technology. For those who love keeping up with technology, you may have two or three iPads no longer in use. Instead of letting them collect dust in a drawer or trying to sell them online, use them to display images in an iSotto Frame! Since you still have your iCloud account, adding new images to iSotto Frame will be a breeze.
  5. Display office adventures. Does your company have fun after work outings or corporate events that bring everyone closer? With iSotto Frame you can easily show off just how awesome your workplace is. Whether you display iSotto Frame in the front lobby or place it in the break room, you can remember those moments and easily add more as they happen. In addition, companies can use iSotto Frame to feature the products and services that they offer.
iSotto Frame on a table.

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Social Media Lessons from “GirlsHBO” on Snapchat

The TV show Girls logo

Is your business on Snapchat?

With the end of the 4th season of“Girls,” I realized the hit TV show’s use of Snapchat taught me three social media lessons. For companies who have a younger target audience, like the show, Snapchat is the newest tool to reach your fans. Here are three lessons in social media from Lena Dunham’s hit series. Continue reading

Social Media Trends for Every Day of the Week

From Throwback Thursday to Wellness Wednesday, social media trends get lots of users talking. Inserting yourself into the conversation is a great way to drive traffic to your site, build brand awareness and gain followers. Here are social media trends you can use in your campaigns everyday of the week.


What are your favorite social media trends?

Social Media Trends for Monday-Sunday


Monday Blues (#MondayBlues) or Manic Monday (#ManicMonday)

Everyone can relate to a case of the Mondays. The #MondayBlues tag is popular for conversations surrounding being tired from the weekend, bogged down because it’s raining or even sharing bluesy music!

#ManicMondays are for those who prefer their Monday have higher energy than the #MondayBlues crowd. Office workers and professionals love participating in this social media trend that is characterized by sharing photos of piles of office work, slogging through emails or having a coffee break pick-me-up. Continue reading