How to Hire the Best Public Relations Firm for Your Business


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How do you hire a public relations firm? This post explains.

Do you need help getting the word out about your business? It’s easy to do a Google search for “public relations firm” but how do you know which ones are worth partnering with?

Unfortunately, not all PR agencies are created equally. I can’t tell you how frequently we talk to business owners about times they hired a public relations firm only to have their hard-earned money taken without any measurable results.

How can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? This guide shares valuable insight into questions to ask, skills to keep an eye out for and advice to consider. Continue reading

7 Expert Internet Marketing Tips That Businesses Need to Follow

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Are you making the best of these internet marketing tactics?

With many internet marketing strategies now becoming key to the success of many businesses, more and more business owners are looking to jump on the bandwagon. However, internet marketing isn’t as simple as advertising with the likes of Google AdSense – there’s much more to it than that these days. Businesses now need a strategic marketing plan in place to ensure they stay in front of the competition. If you’re looking to propel your business to the top, have a gander at the following 7 internet marketing tips that could help you do exactly that.

1. Generating Organic Traffic Through Blogging

Many businesses overlook blogging, but it’s becoming a great investment for those willing to spend the time engaging with their audience. Granted, blogging can seem like a pointless job at times, but if organic traffic is the reward you seek, it’s something that’s paid dividends to the success of many businesses. Blogging takes time and patience and usually a lot of investment in terms of creating high-quality content. But, organic traffic is very rewarding when it comes to conversions, so it’s something to consider for any business. Continue reading

Blogging Tip! Tips, Tricks & Tidbits from Three Girls Media

Uh-oh, are you missing an important element to your blog articles? In this video, Erika Taylor Montgomery (CEO) shares an often-overlooked way to end your posts.

Want to learn more about public relations and marketing? Stay tuned for more Tips, Tricks & Tidbits from Three Girls Media, or check out more of our recent blog posts! Continue reading

8 Powerful Writing Tips from the Father of Advertising

Writing is a big part of increasing your company’s visibility. From website copy and e-newsletters to blog posts and social media updates, your business depends on your ability to write well.

Writing Tips from the Father of Advertising

How can you tighten up your writing? Follow this advice from the Father of Advertising.

David Ogilvy (known as “The Father of Advertising”) wrote a memo, “How to Write,” in 1982; it’s still a goldmine of advice. Here are 8 of his writing tips alongside my comments.

1. “Write the way you talk. Naturally.”

Every business has a voice; yours should be a natural reflection of your brand. Every word you write – whether on your website or in a Facebook update – should reflect it.

2. “Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.”

Make everything you write easy to digest quickly. No one likes reading a wall of lengthy text; a lot of writing fails due to overly wordy text. If you have a big chunk of information you want to share, consider ways to make it easier to for your readers:

  • Use shorter words
  • Simplify the sentences
  • Turn the details into a bulleted list

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