4 Common Content Marketing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Is your company using content marketing as a strategy for increasing brand awareness? With the proper planning and execution, this can be a great way to find new and potential customers. However, there are a few mistakes that may hold you back from effectively spreading your message. Here are four common content marketing follies and simple ways to fix them.

Are you making any of these common content marketing mistakes?

Are you making any of these common content marketing mistakes?

4 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and Fixes

  1. Not Creating a Catchy Title

If you create great content, but the headline is boring, chances are few people will read or engage with your work. According to research by Buzzfeed, the most successful titles are ones that present a list of items the reader will learn. Continue reading

[Public Relations Guide] How to Start a Successful PR Campaign

Have you decided to invest your time and resources into public relations? Congratulations! That’s an important first step. But how do you take the next steps to start a successful PR campaign? Follow the guide below to begin!

How to Start a Successful PR Campaign

This is a chalkboard with public relations written on it.

Follow this guide to create a successful PR campaign!

1. Determine measurable goals. What do you want your PR campaign to accomplish? Make sure you set measurable goals from the very beginning so you can tell if you were successful when you look back in 6 months or a year. Although you want to dream big, remember to be realistic as you set goals, too.

2. Outline your PR campaign strategy and available resources. How will you achieve the goals you set? For example, if one of your goals is to have 200 new Facebook fans in the next 6 months, how do you plan to achieve the objective? Do you have an advertising budget you can spend on promoted posts or traditional Facebook ads? Or, if you set the goal of 3 media placements, will you spend the time researching journalists and pitching them yourself or will you hire outside help? This is a great time to be creative! Think about which public relations goals you really want to achieve and how you can try a few new tactics to achieve them. Continue reading

3 Lessons in Social Media Marketing from Miranda Priestly

Prada store

What social media marketing lessons can you learn from Miranda Priestly?

If you’ve ever seen “The Devil Wears Prada,” you know that the Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine is filled with quick and icy insults to her assistants and almost everyone around her. However, within those cold remarks there are valuable social media marketing lessons to be had. Here are three of her best quotes and how to use them in your next social media marketing campaign.

3 Social Media Marketing Lessons from Miranda Priestly

  1. “Florals. For spring? Ground Breaking.”

Like in fashion, you have the open creativity to make your social media pages look like whatever you want. For a small business, find the personality of your brand and use memes, videos and infographics to reflect it. Sites that go beyond just posting articles or talking about themselves have a higher interaction rate with their customers. Continue reading

Generating Blog Topics: 4 More Places to Find Inspiration

We recently shared four great places to look for inspiration when generating blog topics, which included answering commonly asked questions, writing a how-to article or guest post and reading other industry publications. If you’ve exhausted these avenues, luckily there are countless other places to turn when seeking new topics. Here are four more of them.

This picture says 'blog.'

How do you generate blog topics?

Generating Blog Topics: 4 More Places to Find Inspiration

  1. Company News

While you should always be helpful and informative when writing blog posts, it’s perfectly alright to toot your own horn every once in a while. If your company just won an award, you hired a great new team member or gotten a recent media mention, share it with your readers! It can help you look more like an industry leader and reminds clients you’re at the top of your field. Continue reading

6 Rules for Social Media Etiquette

Two people on their phones at dinner.

How are your social media manners?

How often does your small business engage in proper social media etiquette? So often, a brand will think they have a handle on social media but neglect their customers and engage in poor behaviors and habits. To avoid falling into social media traps, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to best represent yourself and company.

3 Do’s for Social Media Etiquette:

  1. Use A Cheery, Familiar Tone

No one wants to feel constantly bombarded with different advertisements. Use a natural, conversational tone when sending out posts. Customers respond more positively to a human tone, rather than just another advertisement.

  1. Initiate Customer Interactions

Social media is meant to be social! Include open-ended questions and ask for the opinions of your customers; they’ll love to be included in the conversation.

  1. Decide Who Your Brand Is and Be That Person

Don’t lose focus of who you are as a brand and company. Be consistent with the content, images and helpful answers so your customers can get a feel for who you are as a brand.

3 Don’ts for Social Media Etiquette:

  1. Put off Responding to Your Followers

Customers expect a fast reply when they write a comment or complaint about you on social media. Reply in a timely matter and customers are more likely to recommend your brand to their friends and family.

  1. Only Talk About Yourself

Not everything needs to be about you! Follow the topics and trends your customers are interacting with and get involved. They’ll appreciate seeing a company they love sharing their interests.

  1. Lose Your Balance

There is a fine balance between posting too much and too little on social media. If you post too little your content may never get seen, but overwhelming a feed is just as bad. Try posting various amounts through the week and see which yields the highest rate of interaction.

Use these six tips to best represent your brand and company on social media. What other etiquette tips do you have? Share with us in the comments below.

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