4 Social Media Mistakes


Social media is a great way to boost your company’s branding. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gaining more popularity than ever, it can be easy to have a few errors that prevent you from having success. Be sure to avoid these common social media mistakes and you’ll be a hashtag rock star in no time!

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5 Common Blogging Mistakes

Avoid these common blogging mistakes.

Managing a blog can be a rewarding professional experience. The ability to share news, photos and opinions in one place is one of the greatest technological advances in the public relations industry to date. Whether you’re a successful internationally-known fashion blogger or a stay-at-home mother sharing recipes and parenting tips, chances are there’s been a bump or two in the road of your blogging journey.

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What to Include in Your Press Release

Do you have a new product or service you can’t wait to spread the word about? Write a press release.


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Press releases come in handy when you want to share your story with the public via the media. It’s important to write a press release when you have something new to debut because it’s a format reporters are comfortable with. A good press release in the proper format should be compact and easy to digest. Here are some items to include when writing a press release to really make your story shine.

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Mobile Marketing

DeathtoStock_Wired10Just ten years ago, cell phones with built-in cameras were the latest in cutting edge technology. As the world awaits the debut of the newest iPhone 6, it’s clear that people fell in love with multipurpose phones and never looked back. Mobile marketing is essential to reach target audiences of any age or background, as cell phone users can range from school-aged children to tech-savvy seniors. Get the most out of your advertising by reaching out to customers through the one thing they’re all likely to have: cell phones.

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Three PR Lessons from Sesame Street

One of the most important parts of public relations involves staying in the top of your audience’s minds. Staying relevant for over 45 years is one thing that Sesame Street has done best. Public relations can take a few lessons from Sesame Street by applying some of the elements of its well-strategized evolution to important tenants of public relations. Here are 3 PR lessons you can take from PBS Kids’ Sesame Street and its characters.


Elmo, a character from Sesame Street.

  1. Capture the Attention of Your Audience

Sesame Street’s goal was to captivate the attention of children in order to teach them. The same is true for public relations. In order to teach your audience about your product or service, you need to hold their attention in a captivating way. Knowing your audience is the first step to being able to hold their attention and spread your message.

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