4 Social Media Marketing Tips From a Virtual Facebook Party

Don't miss these 4 social media marketing tips!

Don’t miss these 4 social media marketing tips!

Today’s blog post shares 4 social media marketing tips I recently put into action and was rewarded for!

A couple of months ago one of my friends from high school (Becky) became a Jamberry consultant and hosted a virtual Facebook party promoting fun, stylish fingernail wraps. I’d heard of them but hadn’t tried them out, so I ordered a few different varieties.

After being really happy with my new Jamberry nail wraps, I posted a picture on Facebook, and all of a sudden I had a few friends that sounded interested, so I decided to host my own virtual Facebook party. I had so many friends order during the party that for the cost of about 4 more designs, I was able to get 16 different styles! Why was my party so successful? Keep reading to find out. Continue reading

3 YouTube Lessons from Heidi Powell

What YouTube channels are you subscribed to?

What YouTube channels are you subscribed to?

YouTube is currently the second largest search engine in the world and the number of searches are only getting bigger. What was once the go-to place for surprised squirrels and kids playing with light sabers is now the sought after place to solve life’s daily problems. One of my personal favorite channels on YouTube is Heidi Powell’s. Heidi and her husband Chris are super trainers who work on Extreme Weight Loss and provide health and fitness tips on her channel. After exploring and using her site, I noticed 3 things that she did well and how you can learn from the site. Continue reading

[Pitching Tips] 4 Strategies for Approaching Bloggers

This post shares pitching tips for approaching bloggers. Individual voices can be very effective at spreading your message to their wide audience and there is no reason to discount this section of the media. Bloggers can have the quickest turnaround time on writing stories and they should be approached differently than magazine editors or newspaper columnists. Here are four pitching tips and strategies for approaching bloggers.

This is a picture of a hand throwing a baseball.

This post shares tips for pitching to bloggers.

[Pitching Tips] 4 Ways to Approach Bloggers

  1. Read Their Last Five Articles

It may be a no-brainer to read the blog of the influencer you plan to pitch, but many people miss this step. Take the extra time to skim the last five articles the blogger wrote to get a feel for their audience and niche. You should also pay attention to the dates of these articles; you don’t want to pitch a blogger who hasn’t written anything for a few months (or years!) Continue reading

Social Media: How to Create an Editorial Calendar

Writing in a calendar.

What’s in your editorial calendar?

Writing relevant and timely social media posts is essential for having a rich and lively business page. When customers and fans see an update that they like and have an opinion about, they are more likely to comment and share. One way to stay current on trends is to create an editorial calendar. If you’re not sure what an editorial calendar is or what you should include, here is everything you need to know. Continue reading

3 Public Relations Lessons from Three Girls’ 10 Years in Business

If you saw the last issue of Hip Happenings (Three Girls’ e-newsletter), you read we recently celebrated the public relations firm’s 10th anniversary! As someone that’s been with Three Girls for almost 9 of those years, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on a few public relations lessons I’ve learned from nearly a decade at Three Girls Media.

3 Public Relations Lessons from Three Girls’ 10 Years in Business

What public relations lessons have you learned in the last 10 years?

What public relations lessons have you learned in the last 10 years?

1. Try something new. I can attest to the fact that Three Girls is different than when I started in 2006. We restructured our campaigns to make them a la carte, added additional services and took advantage of modern technology to allow the entire staff to work virtually. In addition to providing our team with the flexibility they desire, this allows us to keep overhead low so we can continue to serve small and emerging companies with tight budgets. With your public relations strategy, don’t be afraid to change up your approach and take advantage of new technology and trends, such as pitching journalists via Twitter.

2. Be creative. Infuse everything you can with creativity! Media pitches and social media updates are obvious, but think about other places you can add your brand’s personality in a fun way. One place you can see this at Three Girls is in Hip Happenings; each section has a catchy name that fits with the firm’s personality and voice. Continue reading