Social Media: How to Create an Editorial Calendar

Writing in a calendar.

What’s in your editorial calendar?

Writing relevant and timely social media posts is essential for having a rich and lively business page. When customers and fans see an update that they like and have an opinion about, they are more likely to comment and share. One way to stay current on trends is to create an editorial calendar. If you’re not sure what an editorial calendar is or what you should include, here is everything you need to know. Continue reading

3 Public Relations Lessons from Three Girls’ 10 Years in Business

If you saw the last issue of Hip Happenings (Three Girls’ e-newsletter), you read we recently celebrated the public relations firm’s 10th anniversary! As someone that’s been with Three Girls for almost 9 of those years, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on a few public relations lessons I’ve learned from nearly a decade at Three Girls Media.

3 Public Relations Lessons from Three Girls’ 10 Years in Business

What public relations lessons have you learned in the last 10 years?

What public relations lessons have you learned in the last 10 years?

1. Try something new. I can attest to the fact that Three Girls is different than when I started in 2006. We restructured our campaigns to make them a la carte, added additional services and took advantage of modern technology to allow the entire staff to work virtually. In addition to providing our team with the flexibility they desire, this allows us to keep overhead low so we can continue to serve small and emerging companies with tight budgets. With your public relations strategy, don’t be afraid to change up your approach and take advantage of new technology and trends, such as pitching journalists via Twitter.

2. Be creative. Infuse everything you can with creativity! Media pitches and social media updates are obvious, but think about other places you can add your brand’s personality in a fun way. One place you can see this at Three Girls is in Hip Happenings; each section has a catchy name that fits with the firm’s personality and voice. Continue reading

Email Marketing: 5 Essential Elements of an E-Newsletter

How effective is your email marketing?

How effective is your email marketing?

Is email marketing part of your business’ public relations strategy? Email newsletters, or e-newsletters, are a fantastic way to keep your business top-of-mind and provide another way to keep in touch with your contacts. Plus, research shows email marketing is extremely effective. As this infographic explains:

  • Email marketing delivers the highest ROI (about $44 per dollar spent) of any digital marketing channel.
  • 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message.
  • 40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing as high quality.

5 Essential Elements of an E-Newsletter

So what elements does your e-newsletter need to include? Continue reading

7 Content Marketing Tips & Tricks

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How effective is your company’s content marketing?

Is content marketing part of your public relations plan? If you blog for your business, manage your company’s social media accounts (such as Facebook or Google+) or send out an e-newsletter, then the answer is yes!

How can you be sure each piece of content you create for your company is high quality? SEMrush recently hosted a Twitter chat about just this subject, and I thought several of their points were especially helpful! Continue reading

3 Social Media Lessons from Honda

Social Media Lessons from Honda and Skeletor.

Social Media Lessons from Honda and Skeletor.

During the holiday seasons, businesses come up with creative and festive commercials to entice shoppers to buy their products. One of the most successful holiday campaigns has been from Honda. The Twitter account for Honda was recently taken over by cartoon villain Skeletor, who proved he knew how to handle a social media account. Here are three lessons in social media from the SkeleTakover.
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