Social Media: 3 Tips to Develop a Rock Star Strategy

“I wanna be a rock star.” – Nickelback

An early 2000′s song turned many of my friends and me into rock star wannabes who blasted Nickelback from our high school cars’ speakers, screaming for life to become easy. While Nickelback certainly succeeded at creating a hit song fairly quickly, it’s important to remember that a rock star life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The same can be said about a killer social media presence. While we all wish we could have a “credit card that’s got no limit” to create viral content, the truth is that it requires a little work to become a true social media rock star.

Are you a social media rock star?

Are you a social media rock star?

3 Tips to Develop a Rock Star Social Media Strategy 

1. It’s better to be really good at one social media site than so-so at many. 

An amazing band doesn’t sound good because it has a bunch of somewhat talented artists. Paramore has an incredible drummer, Yellowcard stands out with its Seattle-born violinist and Avenged Sevenfold has Synster Gates, master of the guitar. In order to be a true rock star on social media, you have to become a master of the social media channel that will make the most sense for your company and allow you to exercise your talents the most. Managing one social media channel, such as Facebook, requires consistency, engagement, creative content and research.  Continue reading

Social Media: The Future of Public Relations

Digital Media is the New Black?

The future business strategy of social media and public relations continues to evolve because of rising use of digital public relations tools. As users continue to engage via social media and mobile media, the public relations methods used in the past must adapt to the changing times and technology. Gone are the days of manual press clippings as the era of digital analytics and mobile applications arrives in style.

4 Future Business Strategy Tips for Public Relations & Social Media

1. Brand Journalists: Journalists’ business strategy continues to expand due to rising popularity of digital news and mobile media. Brand journalists work on behalf of companies to incorporate their products or services into an entertaining and informational news piece, blog article or mobile media post.  Continue reading

Content Creation: 5 Reasons People Don’t Care

I hate to break it to you, but as you’re spitting out content for your readers, they’re probably not reading it. Why?

Does your audience care about your content?

They don’t care.

While that sounds harsh, it could be the main reason you are not seeing any real engagement numbers popping up.

While content creation now is as easy as picking up your phone and typing 140-character nonsense, simple text with no ambition isn’t going to stand out among the rest of the content your audience is soaking in every day.

The only way to fix this content-spewing is to understand the main reasons your audience is simply scanning over your message instead of engaging with your content.

5 Reasons People Don’t Care About Your Content 

1. Your content isn’t written for your target audience. 

If your target audience is Millennials and you’re writing about retirement plans, luxury cars and expensive vacations, you need to fire your content creation specialist. Understand who your target audience is and write content specifically for them.  Continue reading

Getting Fit: 4 Public Relations Tips

For the last several months, my husband and I have been focusing on getting fit. With a greater focus on a healthy lifestyle, I’ve realized that there are several public relations lessons you can glean from fitness in general. Whether your marketing plan focuses on blogging, media pitches or both, here are 4 tips that came to mind:

Getting Fit: 4 Public Relations Tips

Get your public relations plan in shape with these 4 tips.

Get your public relations plan in shape with these 4 tips.

1. Measure your progress. It’s easy to get discouraged or lose track of your progress, which is why it’s important to keep track of it. I have a couple of apps I use to log what I’m eating and my workouts so I can see how I’m doing throughout the day. When it comes to public relations and marketing, it’s important to monitor where you are on a regular basis so you can see progress and keep yourself on track. Take the time to look at your Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Ask customers how they heard about you and keep track of the results. Set a few goals for your business and then, in 6-12 months, see if you achieve them. Continue reading

3 Examples of Marriage Equality & Public Relations

How can you make a PR splash during Pride Month?

How can your business use PR during Pride Month?

The celebration of Pride Month and marriage equality continues throughout the world this June to celebrate the work and accomplishments of the LGBT community. The annual festivities have even inspired some companies to voice their support for the LGBT community using groundbreaking public relations strategies. Using innovative tactics to celebrate Pride Month pays off too. Marketing to the LGBT audience produces a substantial ROI compared to traditional public relations campaigns, in addition to advocating for diversity and civil rights. Here are three examples.

3 Examples of Public Relations with Pride

1. Starbucks: The Seattle-based coffee company raised a Pride flag above their headquarters to honor the 40th anniversary of Seattle Pride. This clever public relations tactic conveys the company’s dedication to marriage equality in the community in an authentic and public manner. The installation of the flag resulted in significant media coverage due to the flag being the largest of its kind in Seattle.

2. Google: The clever search engine gurus at Google integrated search engine optimization into their public relations strategy to celebrate Pride Month. Search topics related to the LGBT community lead users to a search results page that is adorned in the infamous Pride colors. This concept reflects Google’s pattern of subtle, yet meaningful, acknowledgments of various holidays and causes on their homepage, which is accessed by over 5 billion users each day.

3. Lucky Charms: The mystical cereal distributed by General Mills celebrated Pride Month and the LGBT community using a cheeky hashtag. The #LuckyToBe campaign declared the brand’s support for marriage equality on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Remember, never underestimate the power of a fabulous hashtag!

By connecting with the LGBT audience in a meaningful way, companies can use public relations to demonstrate their commitment to marriage equality and civil rights issues. Supporting the LGBT community and marriage equality can give your businesses’ public relations a boost while supporting a good cause. What has your organization done to recognize Pride month? Let us know in the comments!

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