Social Media Management: 3 Ways to Grow Your Target Audience

I never thought I would spend 11 days in Minot, North Dakota at the North Dakota State Fair.

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Are you speaking to your target audience?

As a social media specialist, the act of joining the circus to work with kids for a short time isn’t something that appears on our to-do lists very often. But when I was presented with the opportunity to go on tour with a children’s theater company that I used to work for, I couldn’t pass it up.

So here I am in Minot, North Dakota. Continue reading

Advertising Techniques: 4 Brand Journalism Tips

How do you use brand journalism for your business?

How do you use brand journalism for your business?

Let’s face it: creating and maintaining a digital footprint is hard work. Between multiple social media sites, newsletters and blogs, it can difficult to discern what will bring the highest return on investment for your small business. Brand journalism is one of few advertising techniques that supports companies communicating directly with their audiences. Feeling ready for the challenge? Read on to learn great ways to use brand journalism to communicate with customers and promote products.

Advertising Techniques: 4 Tips & Tricks

1. Instagram: The popular photo sharing app is highly sought after by top companies seeking to share their newest products. Using Instagram provides a visual aid to accompany the story told and allows for follow up and sharing by other users.  Continue reading

Social Media Engagement: 6 Ways to Get People Talking

Before I became a publicist, I visited the worlds of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest every so often. I never commented. If something was considered epic, I’d share it, but the event was rare. Now that I am fully enveloped in social media on a regular basis, I’ve come to realize the extreme importance of engagement. 

Are your fans actively engaged?

Are your fans actively engaged? 

Too many businesses get hung up on how many likes or followers they have. While this is an important part of social media success, it won’t mean much if none of those fans or followers are actually talking about or sharing the content you’ve put serious time into creating. So instead of focusing on the quantity, put more of an effort into the quality of content that you put out there to boost engagement and get people talking.  Continue reading

Social Media Management: 3 Vacation Tips

Take a vacation from social media!

Taking breaks is important to refresh and revive creativity and energy levels, especially during warm summer months. Neglecting social media sites during vacation is a common mistake that can be easily avoided with proper social media management practices. Scheduling posts prior to your summer getaway means spending more time relaxing and less time thinking about social media!

3 Tips for Social Media Management During Summer Vacation

1. Plan Ahead: Creating and developing content for social media prior to your vacation means a little more work now, and a lot less work during time off. Consider planning content for social media sites at least one week out in advance to avoid any potential hiccups in the posting process. This also allows you hand off posting duties to an employee or friend to manage while you are away.  Continue reading

Social Media: 3 Tips to Develop a Rock Star Strategy

“I wanna be a rock star.” – Nickelback

An early 2000′s song turned many of my friends and me into rock star wannabes who blasted Nickelback from our high school cars’ speakers, screaming for life to become easy. While Nickelback certainly succeeded at creating a hit song fairly quickly, it’s important to remember that a rock star life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The same can be said about a killer social media presence. While we all wish we could have a “credit card that’s got no limit” to create viral content, the truth is that it requires a little work to become a true social media rock star.

Are you a social media rock star?

Are you a social media rock star?

3 Tips to Develop a Rock Star Social Media Strategy 

1. It’s better to be really good at one social media site than so-so at many. 

An amazing band doesn’t sound good because it has a bunch of somewhat talented artists. Paramore has an incredible drummer, Yellowcard stands out with its Seattle-born violinist and Avenged Sevenfold has Synster Gates, master of the guitar. In order to be a true rock star on social media, you have to become a master of the social media channel that will make the most sense for your company and allow you to exercise your talents the most. Managing one social media channel, such as Facebook, requires consistency, engagement, creative content and research.  Continue reading