Online video marketing may not be a new idea for your small business, but Instagram’s recent addition is definitely a fresh concept that you may want to incorporate into your efforts. Instagram’s newest custom video add-on gives users the opportunity to create 15-second videos of their daily lives or whatever peaks their interest.

You may need to watch your time while shooting an Instagram video but there is no limit on creativity.

You may need to watch your time while shooting an Instagram video but there is no limit on creativity.

Obviously, your particular interest lies in online video marketing for your small business, but you may be thinking to yourself, “How can anyone successfully promote anything in just 15 seconds?” Fear not small business owner, we are here to help you bring your efforts to life with 4 unique promotional ideas:

1). Showcase Your Product or Service: Can you create a successful sales pitch about your small business in less than 15 seconds? If so, record it! Make a custom video of how to use your product or how your service can help customers. By doing this, you can highlight certain advantages of  using your company over your competitors. 2). Create a Contest: One of the primary goals of online video marketing is to increase the engagement of followers. Consider having your small business host a contest under a planned hashtag. Inspire your customers to create a custom video using your product in the most innovative way possible or in an unusual location. The grand prize could be recognition and a small token of appreciation (such as a discount on services or a company t-shirt) for the lucky videographer.

3). Highlight Your Business Space: Online video marketing doesn’t have to focus solely on your product or service. Does your small business have a unique office? Does your staff dress up for certain holidays? Promote your uniquely decorated cubicles as well as your creative employee traditions through online video marketing by making a short “day in the life” custom video via Instagram.

4). Encourage Fan Reviews:  Some may say that customer satisfaction is the spark that ignites the flame of referrals. Encourage your customers to create a custom video of how much they enjoy working with your small business. Positive reviews and feedback are crucial in today’s “Let me Google that” world.

Using inexpensive tools like Instagram to promote your small business is one of the ways to keep your costs down and your followers up. Can you think of other ideas or low cost strategies for online video marketing? If so, please comment with your thoughts!

Photo Credit: Steven A Johnson

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